Don't take life too serious.


I think I am finally finding my groove in this blogoshere. I busied the kids with projects and distractions long enough to give my blog a face-lift…added a little more flavor.

Credit for my new site title has to be given to my dear friend, Brenda, who always has something good, bad, ugly and/or funny to say. All of which usually involves the fbomb…which I love her for. I thought her play on words letters was brilliant.

I also updated my Me page.  It was a little too fluffy and quite honestly had me rolling my eyes when I re-read it this morning.  So if you have already checked it out, I encourage you to do so again.  You’ll get a clearer, more genuine picture this time around.

Just quickly…thanks to those that have taken time to check out my blog and provide feedback.  How did I not start this before now!

6 thoughts on “Face-lift.”

    1. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Just open the page you want to work on AND the support page with directions on what you’re trying to do. Its pretty step by step. Another tip I read recently that I thought was a pretty good idea was to create a mock blog just to practice on…im going to do this to teach myself how to add images and videos. That seems a little trickier and I don’t want to mess things up on my “real” blog (= If you can make me hear a black woman slammin’ poetry in my head got this! lol

      1. omg! a practice blog. you’re a friggin genius. so simple. thank you. thank you. thank you. but you did just kill my dirty fantasy of getting a hot college guy in my apartment and screwing his brains out. so thanks mom for being a cockblocker too:) xoxo

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