Momma has lost her mind.

Why I Effing Love the F Bomb.

Spoiler Alert: I’m going to cuss.  I’m going to say things that may be offensive and probably shouldn’t come out of any normal Momma’s mouth.


But in case you haven’t noticed, this Momma isn’t normal.

Shouting the word Fuck just because you can is never recommended.  It needs to be crafted in to conversation so as not to taint its beautiful, descriptive power.  Used in the wrong tone, this word can become scary and I for one stop listening when I feel intimidated. I recognize there is always a time and place.

Fuck is quite possibly a perfect word.  It can be the main ingredient to so many things – a joke, an argument, an attitude, an emotion or a statement.


It would most definitely win a popularity contest against any other explicative within my generation.  It’s not the shock value that makes it such a lovely fucking word.  It’s the ability to encompass intensity regarding other words or events that otherwise are dismissed as “ordinary” or “normal”.

fucking cold

For example, if I hear hubby say, “it’s cold outside”, I may throw on a fleece and head out.  If he says “It is fucking cold out side”, you bet your ass I’m putting on a hat and scarf because now I’m thinking it is fucking nose hair freezing and not just normal upstate NY cold.

The word fuck embodies humor, and a raw-ness that our day to day lives need.   Without the f bomb would this (what I consider classic) moment be embedded in our brains?

Or how about this one…which I still quote pretty much every time I hear someone ask “What was the name?”

There is no pharmaceutical formula available that can give you the feeling of thrusting the word fuck off your tongue.  It can be such a therapeutic tool with the only possible side effect being a disapproving eye.


A miserable mood can best be cured with a tall glass of what-the-fuck-ever.  A situation with too many variables is best known as a cluster-fuck.  When I have finally thrown my hands in the air it is usually due to a serious case of the fuck-its!


It’s a grammatical orgasm if you will. Just try it.  Just shout out the word Fuck.  Now say Fuck!.  Try calling the person who just pulled out in front of you only to make a quick right hand turn without using HIS FUCKING BLINKER a Fucking Fuck!  It just adds a little more justice to the situation.  No one has ever died from whipping out a F bomb during an episode of road rage…just sayin’.

Being a Mom and being in love with the word fuck can be tricky.  I’d say the trickiest part is not the kids but being around other Moms I don’t really know.  I don’t drop the f word around small children (on purpose), like I said, a time and a place.


However, if I am having an adult conversation and the little ones are not under our feet, odds are I’m going to emphasize some fucking part of the conversation with a fuck here or a fuck there.


Do you know how many times in a day I call my ~on the verge of being a tyrant of a toddler~ son a little fucker?  It’s never out loud of course but it is definitely a regular reaction in my head.  Don’t judge me, I say it with nothing but affection and exhaustion.  The little Fucker just doesn’t know how many times in a day he cheats death and how his new, un-nerving high pitch whine can drive his Momma to want to jump out the fucking window.

The power of Fuck to arouse an extra layer of emotion is why I love to use it.  There is no better place for the F bomb than in a great song.  So with that, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite lyrical fucks from the little folk singer herself.

46 thoughts on “Why I Effing Love the F Bomb.”

  1. Love it. Fuck is definitely one of my favorites. Since I try not to swear around the kids (Cookie Monster has been known to say shit and fuck. Sigh.) I often have to say several “fucks” in adult conversation sometimes just to get it out of my system. Lol. Way to go!

    1. I know that feeling! My daughter has dropped the f bomb too. She even sneaks it in while pretending to just rhyme…such as…”Momma duck, tuck and fuck rhymes”! Smh. She is too smart for her own good.

      1. Heehee. Clever girl!! I don’t care about swearing. I care about context and me looking like a bad parent. Lol.

  2. Adored the shit out of this post. There’s a tee shirt around somewhere that says “I am an intelligent, classy, well-educated woman who says FUCK a lot” Need this shirt.

    So glad to meet you!

    1. I love it! I wonder what the other Pre K Moms would say if I wore it to drop my daughter off. I don’t think I would be allowed at PTO meetings. I had fun writing this but wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get…it’s been great. Never should have doubted the f bomb.

  3. I too like to swear. Not, like, all the time, that would be just silly. But I do… And the strange thing is – I swear in English when it’s light situation… When I fucking didn’t hear what you said, or Just fuck it situation… But when the shit gets serious, I curse the motherF””’ in Croatian 😀 I just can’t imagine saying something trivial when i feel like I want to unleash a tornado from my lips 🙂 We have here two words which I use on daily basis and don’t even consider cursing (coz we in Balkan roll like that xd), Jebiga which means Fuck it and Jebote which means Fuck wow. The first one is more used as a point or an end to a sentence For.e. someone says: I haven’t got my pay check today. I say: Jebiga. Second is like an intro into a rant, For e. Jebote, I have just heard about new incident on football game!
    Also, I have read that the scientists have proven that people who swear tend to be mor honest. Fuck yeah. 😀

    1. hmmm…is it bad that I feel like if I tell you, someone will read this and come to my house and kidnap me?? lol. People are crazy girl!

  4. YEAH BABY! Fuck’ em!! I love this!! I think “Normal” is fucking “Over-R ated”……What is the real “Normal? I say, “Keep on keeping ON”! Great Post!
    *Cat* 🙂

    1. Ha! Me too! It gets a bit tricky once you have kids though. I find myself saying ridiculous substitutions like “FORGET ME”! …it just doesn’t have the umph a good FUCK ME does but… Ya know.

    1. It was so lovely to read this this morning. Nothing makes me happier than making someone else laugh. 😉 I love the idea of recycling old posts in the fb group too.

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