Don't take life too serious.


That moment when an experience collides with memories. 

When you become aware that the question is what got you there and not the answer. 

At which point your body is physically impacted by a thought that brings you closer to your core. 

Timing that feels like someone painted the moment. 

Movement in a pause. 

A pause in motion. 

Leaves you emotionally inspired to search.

Depths of lucidity.

A new groove, evoking confirmation of something more.

13 thoughts on “Soulgasm.”

    1. Thanks…hope Soulgasm wasn’t your starting point. Lol…or maybe I’m glad if it is. It’s not something I would usually put out there but if I’m being honest I was on my second glass of wine and the music playing kind of moved me to hit publish.

    1. Thanks! If I’m being honest, I wrote this just a tad under the influence. It was a bad day in SAHM-ville and I had one (or two) more glasses of wine than normal.

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