Momma has lost her mind.

Don’t mess with a Momma “look”.

This is my "Don't you DARE look!".  Very affective.
This is my “Don’t you DARE look!”. Very affective.

Does every Mom have this look?  Are we destined to make our eyes slightly bulge, tighten every inch of our facial skin and strike a tone with our eyes that put the fear of God in our children??

I know women growing up that had that look.  I have come to put my own flavor on it as a Momma now myself.

Missing piece of our hearts this Christmas.
Missing piece of our hearts this Christmas.


My Aunt Linda had the quaint essential “look”.  She kind of owned it.  Aunt Linda very rarely raised her voice.  She wasn’t one for doing a lot of hollering at us kids.  But God help your ass if you struck a naughty note on her pretty proper handle on things.  The “look” was simply enough.  And if it wasn’t, the sound of her shouting your full name would take you down.

My one year old will instantly turn to little boy mush and look at the floor when he gets the look.  My sassy four year old will either challenge it with one of her own or she will instantly find an excuse as to why she doesn’t deserve it in the first place.  Oh man I love her.  My husband will no doubt give me the “WHAT??” or a don’t give me that look.  Even the dogs ususally drop where they are when they get it.

What is it about the look that makes it quite possibly the most affective Mommy tool available?  Is it that those on the receiving end are questioning whether or not you’re about to lose your shit and they immediately panic??  It’s powerful enough to make you regret doing whatever it is that you just did with or without any idea of what that may be.

I’d dare say the “look” is even more lethal in public.  If I have to repeat myself enough to get to the point of no words …and just the look…you better check yourself child!  My kids know it too.  It seriously makes me laugh when I think about it right now.

So do share.  Tell me, do you have the “look”?  Is it inherited?  Do your children almost shit their pants when they get it???

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

7 thoughts on “Don’t mess with a Momma “look”.”

  1. Lol Love this!! So so true!! Moma definitely had that “look” down to her own perfection!! I would do anything to see it again… I think I got my own I’m going to hurt you look but doubt if mine is as convincing as hers was!! Lol 😉 Love you!!

  2. So funny. I watch my sister-in-laws give my nieces and nephews “the look.” I don’t have my own chitlins but I’m pretty sure I do something very similar to “the look” when talking to the men I work with. They need me there to inform them when they’re being right assholes.

    1. I find that it’s pretty effective with men too. There is nothing funnier than a grown ass man taken down a few notches and terrified by nothing more than a woman’s “look”. Thanks for reading:)

      1. Haha very true! I don’t give my boyfriend “the look” too often (honeymoon stage of life?) but he’s seen me give it to other people and is like “DAMN!”

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