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2013 Unplugged.

Music is an attatchment of my personality.  I compartmentalize memories by the songs that fit or joined the moments.  My strongest sense is sound because it evokes the most emotion for me.  I can’t think of a better way to sum up the sounds of this past year than with a soundtrack dedicated to 2013.

Figuratively speaking, I’ve been stripped down, exposed, enlightened and grounded through out this year.  I decided to play on that theme with my picks and plug in the unplugged versions.  Acoustic is always better in my opinion anyway.  I couldn’t find acoustic versions by the original artist everytime so I used a cover version worthy enough.

p.s. I live under a rock that is owned by a one yr old and a four yr old so my selections are by no means “new” hits.  I’m still jamming to Third Eye (the original album) mmm…k.

I’ve linked to a few of my favorite posts since I began blogging in October.  Check them out!  I’ve really just begun.

I don’t think anything describes my evolution of spirit this past year quite like The Cave.  I mean that literally! I have been a SAHM in my home, a 100 yr old fixer upper cave, for the past year.  I’m lucky I haven’t gone bat shit crazy.  Thank God for Mumford and Sons ability to make me dance like a fool, ponder and enjoy the moments.

This song will forever remind me of kitchen utensil microphones and superstar Mom and daughter moments through out this year.  We got our rock star on many, many times to this one.  It became quite an anthem for me.

Had my husband and I not run away to Jamaica to get married, this would have been our wedding song.  I feel like we have strengthened each other this year and it fits us now more than ever.  He’s been a rock both to hold on to and to hold me up.  The love I have for him is ever growing.

I have come to enjoy the pink and purple and rough and tough rock I live under.  It’s a more pleasant place than one would think.  My day to day life keeps me away from the televised news.  I’ve managed to stay somewhat enough afloat to know this song still fits.  I credit Jon Stewart completely.

Going from a two income household and one child to two children and one income is …well…tough.  I seriously deserve a ghetto fabulous award for stretching a dollar as far as I have this past year.  It’s become a laughing matter because if we didn’t laugh, we would had to add divorce to the list of expenses.  And so I give you the funny guys of Barenaked Ladies.

One more that triggers memories of my daughter’s first attempts at learning “Mommy’s” songs.  This was a new one for me too via Pandora.  Wagon Wheel (not the Darius Rucker version…even my four yr old is pissed about that cover) has become our (dysfunctional) family sing along on road trips.

My thirty something years on this planet have finally started to come together.  Only a classic is encompassing enough to cover this topic for me.  Thank-You-Stevie.

This past year, I’ve come up against (again) and finally feel like I have made it to the other side of struggles I’ve had with depression, surviving child hood abuse and losing my Mom at a young age.  The difference now is the peace I have made with all of it.  As crazy as it sounds, I owe A LOT of that to this song (and anti-depressants, good friends and family, blogging, and sheer grace).  It has meant so many different things to me at so many different points in my life.

And to end it off…I have to say I have come to know this point in my life as precious.  My kids are very young, full of spirit and unconditional, pure love and innocence.  It’s tough being in the trenches day after day but I know how very worth it is.  I just hope I hang on to these memories as tight as I’m trying to moment to moment.  For this time stamp I have to use two songs.  One to capture the madness of being a SAHM and one to capture the essence of it.

Cheers to 2014!




11 thoughts on “2013 Unplugged.”

    1. LOL… I played off an idea of someone else’s post. So by all means throw on your fluorescent socks and get your 80’s on! This actually took me waaaay longer than I thought it would. I was slightly, ridiculously obsessive about picking the right songs.

      1. Thanks. After reading this again today, I realized how random they are. Wasn’t quite sure if anyone would be able to appreciate it. Of course that could apply to any of my posts I suppose. Hope your well (=

      2. is anything ever random? like how i have zero followers since i ranted about wordpress. i was told there is always a lull during the holidays. really? they blocked me. Censorship at wp. wankers! so this is how im doing, but all else is well. completed 1st week of work off orientation and start the 2nd on new years eve. since i believe how i spend my new years eve is how the next 365 days will go, i should be happy, employment won’t be an issue:) what are you doing for new year’s eve?

      3. what what? censorship?? that’s kind of crazy. glad work is going well for you. we are actually having a few friends over tomorrow night. it will be fun but honestly the idea of entertaining makes me want to crawl under my blankets instead. I’m sure after a few cocktails I’ll feel differently. cheers to the new year!

  1. Beautiful the way you connect music to your life! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I am also an Ani fan and love to see that there are more of us out there.

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