Momma has lost her mind.

Crayola Turds.

I love when humor is handed to you. I think it’s the universe’s way of saying, “Here, you look like you could use this.” This was one of those times.

Two days ago, I posted this picture on Facebook:

You’d think after nibbling on one, he wouldn’t want to try it again.

I captioned it with a witty bit about Little Man’s teeth marks in the crayons.

Today, after I baked the most delicious concoction of a cookie my sweet tooth has ever made love to (desert is no joke in my house), my husband deemed the cookies, Crayola Turds.  Lets see if you can figure out why.


Crude humor is second nature to me, so this is a level of funny that I couldn’t help but share. No, I did not plan for this joke by adding yellow and orange, Reese pieces to these magnificent cookies. And yes, I had to put the cookie in the diaper for the effect.

These cookies will now and forever be known as, Crayola Turds.

Now that is some funny shit!

17 thoughts on “Crayola Turds.”

  1. great, funny post!!! love the effect of the cookie in the diaper. at first i thought your little one pooped out crayons:) but i must respectfully disagree. i believe i am a part of the specie of parents with small kids. my one (only a parent can find funny) moment was when i cared for a preemie. her 4yr old sister had gerbil hair all over her sweater. not an issue by itself. well you know how kids are up to no good when they are quiet. well her Mom went to check on her and found their pet gerbil dead in the cage. of course the 4yo denied all culpability and of course the Mom believed her. but me. no. i wasn’t having any of what that kid was serving. i pointed out the gerbil hair all over her sweater. i said, “she squeezed the the poor gerbil to death. the evidence is all over her! that’s how serial killers start!” we both had a great laugh about her 4yo being a serial killer in training, the next ted (theresa) bundy, ha! kids can be so adorable, even when they are stone cold killers:) ps: oh. they did get a new gerbil. but now its cage is in the living room.

    1. Kids are evil yes but gerbils are overrated. Rodents should NEVER be pets. I’m just sayin’. The thought of that sweet little girl squeezing it to death is both chilling and hilarious. Glad to hear you made it out of that house alive.

  2. Hey!
    Kids are hilarious . A friend invited us over dinner before Christmas. My little girl went to the bathroom during dinner and insisted the door was left open. From the dinner table we could all see her head poking out from behind the door of the bathroom . We got a running commentary. ‘The poo is stuck. It is a big one. Oh here it comes. It’s coming out now. It’s out. And here comes another one. It went splosh.’ We were laughing so hard we couldn’t talk. My friend is cool and has four older kids, so she thought it was hilarious too.

    1. These moments are best shared with company don’t you think?? Thank God they had kids of their own and could find the enormous amount of humor in this! Thanks for sharing :0)

  3. Being able to laugh at our children or grandchildren when they are being ridiculous is often the only thing that keeps us from selling them! – Fawn

    1. Thanks! I gave some to the guys that delivered my new dishwasher in a snow storm yesterday (my heroes). I told them what we call them and the looks on their faces totally said “Thank you… I think?” It was a total “out of context” moment I wish I could take back honestly. Especially when my husband re-assured them “…but they’re really good, I swear”. SMH.

  4. I so agree. I have a post bouncing around in my head about the merits of trench humor. Some people really don’t understand how much that saves us.

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