Don't just look, see.

Catching The Cold.






14 thoughts on “Catching The Cold.”

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment. Just trying to dip my feet in to photography at this point. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed but never really shared.

      And I’ve tried willing away the cold but we seem to get a snow storm every time I do so…I’ll just stop for every one’s sake.

  1. It looks so cold brrrr.. but beautiful. You captured some lovely images.
    Your weather is so different to ours. It won’t stop raining and i’m getting sick of it. We had a little bit of snow so far this winter- one little inch of snow.

    1. It IS so cold!!! Winter can leave some pretty astounding sights but it’s difficult to notice them when you are running/fast-walking everywhere so you don’t freeze your butt off! Everyone is so fried from this winter… I just wanted to try to feel a little differently about it even for just a moment.

      Thanks for checking out my pics.

  2. I guess I better not tell you that I spent the weekend at the beach. I hate cold weather! Great pics, they are beautiful 🙂

    1. Kind of hating on you right now!! I’m seeing everyone’s vacation in the sunshine pictures and going a bit stir crazy.

      Thanks for complimenting my photos. I was desperate to find SOMETHING to admire about this brutal weather.

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