Don't take life too serious.

Take the Panic Out. A new voice for the new year.

Despite the humor I have in raising my children and myself, my depression can creep in without notice. In adding a year to my 30-something self this week, I’m most grateful for adding writing to my therapeutic tool box this past year.



Hey you. Yes you. Turn the other voices down so you can at least hear mine. I’m here to help you find some grace and defend your serotonin lacking beautiful brain today. I’m on your side I promise.

Your pacing is killing me though. Just sit down. Yes, I know this means one of the kids is going to notice you and probably want something from you, they’re kids what do u expect? Yes, I understand you feel broken today but your shattered pieces won’t cut them. They will actually help heal you if you can bring yourself to just hold them.

It hurts.  I know.  The depletion of your self worth is temporary though.  Your baby girl feels the pain radiating from your heart and somehow is able to acknowledge your need for space.  Don’t deny her simple, deserving moments of your attention today.

No!  Do not eat another cookie. These are no…

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17 thoughts on “Take the Panic Out. A new voice for the new year.”

  1. Beautiful! I think I need this recorded and played in my ears on certain days! It was like you were talking to me:). Thanks, it lifted my spirits!

  2. Your words continue to inspire me and funny I should read this one today when between yesterday and today and most likely tomorrow I may just crack and break….pieces of life sometimes there sharp shards…sometimes there silky chocolate….seems lately the sharp shards are winning…chin up girl…one day we’ll get there

    1. Beautifully said my friend and thank you for the kind words.

      The only upside to the sharp shards is how much more delicious the silky chocolate tastes after you break through.

    1. Thanks Deanna. I did it this way on the premises that it is always easier to give advice than take it. I wanted to speak to myself like I would a friend.

      1. That makes it even better. You need to keep pushing your creative mind. You’ve got talent.

      2. I know. Someone told me that today and I realized I don’t say it enough to others. It’s like the nudge you need to keep going. 🙂 And you should!

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