Eye For An Eye – Gargleblaster #156

Click to hear the one and only Mrs. Lambert tell this story. 🙂


She walks away from the house, the heat on her back evoking a retaliatory satisfaction. She may never get the stench of his burning flesh out of her pores, but has no remorse. She is done picking the asphalt out of her soul.



This week’s question is:

Who dunnit?

The challenge is to tell a story in exactly 42 words. How’d I do?

37 thoughts on “Eye For An Eye – Gargleblaster #156”

  1. “Picking the asphalt out of her soul” is brilliant. You may want to adjust your tenses a bit – you hop from past to present, which is a little confusing! Thanks for linking up!

  2. HOW could you go back and forth over the asphalt line?? It’s everything a closing line should be! Also I just did that silly 50 word challenge and I have NO IDEA how you evoked what you did in 42??!!!!! You’re The Queen of Edgy!

    1. I’m glad that’s the impression she gave. To me, she took more than she ever should have, which is what led her to light ’em up! Thanks for reading 🙂

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