Don't take life too serious.

Chasing My Inner Fergie.

My posts have been on the serious side lately, so I decided to re-blog a fun, easy weekend read…that I think most Mommas (Daddies too, maybe?) can relate. Hope it’s as beautiful in your neck of the woods this weekend, as it is ours. 🙂


I need to jump out of a perfectly good air
plane.  I want to have a precocious conversation over
expensive, red wine with like minded people. I want
to bring sexy back, channel my inner Fergie and dance on
tables (no cameras please).

imagesCAAU6DNF What I look like on any
given day.

I. Just. Want. To. Break. My. Momma. Mold.
1348890110004_8431249My daughter gasped the
other night when I came down stairs with my hair straightened,
wearing make up, a pair of jeans and a
semi plain cute top in preparation
for a NYE get together with another couple.  I was flattered,
don’t get me wrong, but the realization that 30 minutes
spent on myself made enough of an impression to make my child
gasp was…well…a tell all.

My sister kidnapped to me
today.  We went to lunch and decided to get our day drink on
with a little mid-day margarita.  All of a sudden, Prince’s
“When Doves…

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