Tell me something, old friend: Why are you fighting?

You’ve lost everything.

For me.

Why resist now?

Ingest my poison – your medicine, like you always do.

Stop fighting, old friend.

Remember, I’m the only one that can ease your kind of pain.

Let me.

Give in.

I’m all you have left.



37 thoughts on “Tell me something, old friend: Why are you fighting?”

  1. Drugs?Depression induced suicidal tendency?This has ominous and dark undertones-made me shiver-very well written 🙂 Like the others I too hope that the protagonist does not give in to this weakness.

    1. I have definitely been waging a war with sugar lately. I can’t stay away from it and it is starting to show. Ugh. That was absolutely one of my “demons” I was thinking of fighting when I wrote this 🙂

  2. woof. very nice take on the prompt, and just ambiguous enough treatment of the lure that the reader can self-insert or insert the friend/family member of choice.

  3. Great internal voice – so insidious, and so hard to ignore. Fantastic response to the prompt! Thanks for linking it up.

  4. Wow so much can be drawn from this little piece! If you had more words you could include the line when she stands up and kicks his ass! yee haw!! Seriously, this was really good. ❤

  5. I like your emphasis on YOUR kind of pain, which gives me the sense that this particular demon makes the person feel that IT is the only source of relief, which is a devastating thought in the face of unhealthy habits or relationships. Great piece!

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