For No Apparent Reason.

A warm, heaviness takes over my arms.

Instant panic.

My mind begins racing, attempting to extinguish fear.

My chest constricts – trying to contain my heart, as it bang, bang, bangs for help.

My skin, struggles to suppress the internal shaking.

Just breathe.


Click the badge to learn more about this awesome 42-word writing challenge. This week’s prompt was the sentence: “Is something crawling on me?”

15 thoughts on “For No Apparent Reason.”

    1. Actually…yes. Deep breathing sounds very simple but since I have learned how to do it correctly (yes, there is a right way), it is the most effective thing I can do. Whether it be anxiety, anger, terrible thoughts…it always helps. I practices it regularly with my hot-headed little girl too.

  1. You’ve captured that horrid feeling exactly. Deep breathing exercises and prayer help (if I can remember to do them while in the midst of the attack).

    God bless you,

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