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Coffee Dates: A Slice of Sanity for a SAHM.


Something I look forward to every week, is coffee with the girls. Since I became a SAHM, I have been fortunate enough to gain a strong circle of new friends. Life seemed to have handed me these ladies, at a time that I had no idea how much I would need them.

It’s a pretty incredible thing to have other women in my life that are at the same stages I am. Even though the ages range, the point in life is the same, and the emotions that go along with that are understood. Either we never knew each other before we had kids or our previous friendship drifted for awhile, leaving so much to learn about each other. I know how rare it is to connect with new friends at this point in life – for this I am so very grateful.

One of the reasons I love these girls so much is because they are not shiny-happy people. We’ve all struggled in our lives in some way shape or form. There is a layer of empathy to having a shitty day that is humbling and appreciated. We don’t always have our shit together, nor do we ever really aim to.

We’re all currently on the same page financially as well. It is incredibly difficult to manage life with one income and all of us do that on a daily basis. Our coffee dates allow us to vent that stress, without the guilt factor. There is a level of ease in talking about anything, be it our relationships, finances, kids or ourselves.

We all have the same parenting style, when it comes to raising our precious little tyrants. It’s a beautiful thing. We don’t sweat the small stuff. We don’t judge each other on how she parents. We expect that each other would address a situation if you see a kid acting like an ass, no matter who they belong to. If a child needs something, we take care of it, even if it isn’t our own. As long as the coffee is flowing, so do the mornings.

We all have a slightly jaded, fun sense of humor. We laugh at our parenting failures as much as anything. We tell our stories, we bitch, laugh, talk about deep shit, gossip, cry, whatever. It is a little slice of “ahhhh” to the life that is being a SAHM.

There’s never really a dull moment. We are women who otherwise are with children all day. We talk, a lot. And we love it. It’s like excersice for our brains.

The only problem we run in to is Mommy brain. Our conversations are constantly interrupted by demands for puffs (a.k.a. baby crack), a foul odor starting to demand attention or a little boy’s attempt to give his Mother a heart attack. No doubt, not a single one of us will be able to remember what the hell we were talking about after whatever situation is handled.

I will be going camping with a few of these ladies in less than two weeks. I can’t wait. We have our list of who’s bringing what, we’re creating the greatest play-lists ever and we are ready to go – rain or shine. The Momma hats will be left at home that weekend and it will definitely be more than just coffee flowing.

So… cheers to the other Mommas in my life! You ladies are awesome. Every week I learn something new from you all. You keep me laughing and give me something to look forward to each week. I don’t know what I would do without you!


19 thoughts on “Coffee Dates: A Slice of Sanity for a SAHM.”

  1. Here here! I can’t wait for your camping trip. You must tell us all about it. I’d love to do the same with a few of my pals. I think you and I have so much in common! :o)

  2. I am so envious of what you have with your girlfriends. Since I left the workforce, my friendships kind of unraveled. Your post was a reminder to keep trying to make new friends! Great writing! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Leaving the workforce can be disastrous for friendships. I’ve experienced that first hand. Even though they may still mean a lot to you, it’s never quite the same. And that sucks.

      Finding these girls was amazing. They’re all mutual friends that I didn’t hang out with say just by myself before I became a SAHM. I gathered up my lady balls and reached out to them … the rest is history. It’s incredibly scary to do and unless you’ve been in this position, tough to understand I think.

    1. I got lucky. I know that! It is next to impossible to make friends, especially real friends, at this point in life. Especially when you live under a rock, like I do. I’m very grateful 🙂

    1. I’m definitely crossing my fingers for both but…I know the bugs will have their way with me. Effing mesquites love me.

    1. Thanks…I’m sure there will be very little that could get in the way of having fun. I will be kid free and with like-minded adults. Yes!

      1. Perhaps… I can just hear the girls now, “You BETTER not put this on your blog!!” It’s a hazard of being my friend now. 🙂

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