Don't take life too serious.

Airbags and Angels.

Shielding her unborn son, the car flipped and rolled down the embankment. Sandra prayed to her guardian angel.

Momma, please protect him.

Trapped inside, Sandra begged for a sign of life.

Feeling a kick, confirming his life, she cried.

Thank you Momma.


So…I missed the link up again, but I wanted to share my piece anyway. Hope it reaches some of my fellow gargleblaster bloggers 🙂 For those that aren’t familiar with Yeah Write, click here to learn more about this amazing writing community.









10 thoughts on “Airbags and Angels.”

    1. Thank you. Sorry for the delay in responding … Life is totally getting in the way of my blog lately. Not complaining…just sayin’.

  1. So scary! But well written. Yeah Write has so many new things. Glad to see you’re still joining in (even if you missed the link up)

    Hope things are well on your end. Sorry I’ve been gone, but trying to make my way back now. 🙂 Love the new picture!

    1. It was very scary. And thank you. I try yo keep up with writing but it doesn’t seem to happen as often or as well as it used to. Some weeks, this flash fiction is all I manage to put out there…and even that is late!

      It sounds like you have a lot going on too. And I’m psyched to see what it is all about 🙂

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