Writing Out Loud.

She writes out loud. The words, her armor. She defeats shame with every key she strikes. She dives in to the remnants of the abuse, choosing to dissect the experience and name the invisible scars. Healing herself and others, along the way.


28 thoughts on “Writing Out Loud.”

    1. No, there is definitely no fault on their end. …it takes years to learn that though. I know writing certainly helped me get to that point.

  1. Shame can often silence our voices….taking that power and voice back to defeat shame with keystrokes….brilliant and beautiful both in meaning and in the way you expressed it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. This was quite a personal piece for me. Had I never started writing about the abuse, I still wouldn’t be able to even acknowledge it. I sincerely thank you for the kind and supportive words 🙂

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