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A Bucket List Accomplishment – Featured on Huffington Post Today!!

Somebody pinch me. I am beyond excited to be featured on Huffington Post Parents today, with an article Joyelle and I co-wrote. Even more than the personal recognition, I am so grateful to have my voice as a parent-survivor be heard on such a large platform. I hope you will check out the article, share your thoughts and help us start this very important conversation.

Parenting Survivors of Childhood Abuse Need a Voice

16 thoughts on “A Bucket List Accomplishment – Featured on Huffington Post Today!!”

      1. Huff post is on my bucket list so I must say I am a little jealous but very happy for you! I might have to just try and submit something, but have been scared of rejection I guess!

  1. well done, and I commend you on what you are doing. There are so many obstacles when parenting after abuse, from the ‘why is he taking so long to change that nappy’ thoughts, to the flashbacks and the efforts made every day to react ‘normally’ to a situation which has your heart beating out of control. It can be done though, and I think it helps heal.
    Delighted for you. What a great day. Bet you have a big smile on your face!

    1. Tric, how did you know I have perma-grin today?? Lol. Thank you so much for the support. I just hope the article reaches far and more survivors are empowered to speak up. ….and contribute to the anthology!

      1. I will look into it Dawn. I feel I have come a long way and to some degree do not want to go back there, but twenty years ago as a young mother your anthology would have helped enormously. I hugely admire your energy and drive to help.

  2. As I commented on the Huff Post article itself, I am so proud of and for you today, Dawn. Truth shines brightly through your blog posts always, and I love that you are getting an expanded audience. Congratulations! – Fawn

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