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Raised in hell, but still parenting well

This. This is why I choose to write about my life, my struggles, my pain and my recovery. With women like Christine and so many others that have come forward with their own stories, it makes it all worth something. It’s never easy, but hope prevails.

The SisterWives

Today’s post is another on parenting, this time in response to Dawn’s incredible piece a couple of weeks ago, about how parenting proved to be a completely unexpected source of triggers for her, due to her being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This piece exploded into the Sisterwives’ submissions queue, and I couldn’t wait to publish it – not only because it emphasises the need for Dawn’s project, and how vital it will prove to be, but because it demonstrates more clearly than anything what an important forum this site is, for you to be able to share the things which are important to you, and to be received gently, respectfully and with compassion, and to realise those two fundamental truths: You are NOT ALONE, and Together We’re Stronger.

Thank you, Christine, for making both of these points so beautifully, and with such incredible courage – Lizzi

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