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Working To Fill A Void.

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As I sat down to write today, I could think of nothing other than how excited I am about the submissions for the Trigger Points anthology now starting to trickle in. This is really happening!

Since Joyelle and I began this project, I have continued to research on this topic. I can with confidence say, there is nothing like this out there. I know this will be a resource that could possibly change lives. That’s what happens when you learn you are not alone in experiencing something to this magnitude. It changes you. I know this because that is exactly what happened to me, when I received the outpouring of support from the initial article I wrote on the topic, and from the several I have written since then.

Joyelle and I are determined to put this book, this lifeline, at arms length for anyone who may benefit from it. I know that isn’t just parenting survivors but also those that love them. Throughout my years working in the field of mental health, I have made strong connections with therapists, educators, community resources, etc. It is my goal to make each and everyone of them aware of this anthology, so that they have something to offer a mother or father who needs this type of support. I will make sure that the heart and soul that is being poured in to this project is worth it.

The deadline for submissions is fast approaching. One of my personal concerns is that we have yet to receive any submissions from fathers. More than anything I want this project to portray perspectives from mothers and fathers. I’m working hard to reach out to both, but we could most definitely use some help.

Please continue to help us spread the word. If you haven’t already, like and share our Facebook page. Follow our WordPress site. Reach out to those you believe can help us make this dream a reality.

Thank you to all that have supported us thus far. I’m not sure that I have the right words to encompass how grateful I am. If you are considering submitting an essay but are struggling, reach out to us on the Facebook page with a post or private message. Also, I’m including links to the essays I have written in hopes that one may spark ideas for your own submission.

Much love ~Dawn

Raising a Girl as a Survivor

Parenting-An Unexpected Trigger

On Being a Mother and a Survivor of Abuse

Parenting Survivors of Childhood Abuse Need a Voice co-authored with Joyelle Brandt



2 thoughts on “Working To Fill A Void.”

  1. You’ll have mine as the last second of the deadline approaches. That’s how I am. I procrastinate. But you can be certain, I’ll be submitting my written words. Thank you for this gift! I’m so excited to be a part of it!!

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