Momma has lost her mind.

Who Knew So Many Parents ‘Get’ Me.

hell yeah

Since posting my most recent article, Can I Get A ‘Hell Yeah’ For Mediocre Parenting, I have become humorously aware of how much alike us parents are, instead of different and caddy, as the media portrays us to be.

Today, my article is being featured on an Australian parenting online magazine called Kidspot. Those Aussies are funny mums and pops. I’ve spent the morning reading comments and I think I even converted a few to become red wine drinkers. Yesterday, the article was published on Huff Post Parents. Pretty awesome!

I already knew how humor can bring us all together, but I didn’t realize until now how being able to laugh at ourselves as parents could make us all calm down the mommy guilt we all carry.

My favorite comments are the ones where women are recommending the article to their girlfriends. I see a lot of “So us!” I think this post resonates with so many because I’ve said out loud what I normally only say to my closest girlfriends. It really just goes to show we are all doing the best we can and no one really has this gig totally figured out.

So cheers to being down right normal! May we all understand that losing our shit once in a while does not, in fact, mean we aren’t loving, awesome parents. 😉 ~Dawn


2 thoughts on “Who Knew So Many Parents ‘Get’ Me.”

  1. Wow good for you:)! And I loved your article. These days I scream so hard at my children that I get an instant, crazy, nauseating headache, my face starts burning. And then my children watch TOO much tv (cartoons of course, I am not that horrible). Even too much is too less of a description here, because I am telling you, it’s insane amount of television. And I still can’t get lazy bum to wean off my 2 year old from my breast, or even begin to potty train her even though I know she is ready. So yes, in other words. I can feel you mom.

    1. Oh Nida…my son is a Blaze, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Paw Patrol junkie…I get it! I had to cut him off the breast at 8mths or I was never getting him off. Now he is just constantly on my hip. He is a beefy little dude so carrying him around all the time kills me, but the alternative is him screaming his head off and hanging on me. He wins. And again, like you, I know he is ready to potty train but I don’t have the will power to enforce the structure it takes. I’m giving myself until February to really crack down…stay tuned. I’m sure that will make for another laugh out loud post! Thank you for your honesty and appreciation for my kind of humor. So glad you commented! 🙂 ~Dawn

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