Momma has lost her mind.

Women Everywhere Are Fed Up With Their Awesome Husbands.

Being in a relationship with a level headed, Windex-ing superhero isn’t easy.

He’s the guy who rarely walks by you without a gentle touch to your shoulder or a feisty slap on the ass. The one who makes you coffee every morning. You get to wake up to Folgers in your cup and his selflessness wafting all over the damn place.

He’s that father who can distract a toddler in the midst of a straight-jacket worthy episode. His mac n’ cheese just tastes better. He manages to squash the sass pouring out of the older child’s mouth like some kind of parent whisperer.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I’m married to one of those men, too. How I got so lucky I’ll never know. But if I’m being honest, sometimes his commitment to being awesome is irritating as hell.


So excited to have a post on Sammiches and Psych Meds today. They feature some of the funniest stuff on the internet and I am incredibly grateful to be included as a contributor!

Click the link below to read the article in it’s entirety. And tell me, is your partner one of those annoyingly awesome people??

Women Everywhere Are Fed Up With Their Awesome Husbands.

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