Don't take life too serious.

6 months, 100 posts, 5 lessons learned.


This will be my 100th post. Phew…let me just inhale that, like a coffee junkie walking in to Dunkin’ Donuts. Ahhhh, that’s good stuff.

I’ve been thinking all week about how I want this 100th post to look. I’ve decided that it will be one of reflection. So I give you my thoughts in a list. Because above all, I’ve learned that our tiny little attention spans, love a good list!


1.  I don’t really have a niche. And that’s ok. I write about being a Mom – how my kids are killing me slowly and teaching me about life and love daily. I write about marriage. I write about personal struggles – abuse, depression, shame, grief and other deep shit. I write about being a thirty-something woman, trying to dig a path through what she has become, to find herself again. I write about writing.

2. Writing fiction is something I never imagined myself doing. I’ve learned that just because you think it’s “not your thing”, don’t not at least try it. I’ve fallen a bit in love with writing fiction. It’s pushing me out of comfort zones. I find it both liberating and frightening as hell. My mind has gone to some humorous, scary and “what-the…” kind of places since I let go, and let my imagination lead.

3.  The blogging community is a pretty amazing place. The reward of reads, comments, thank yous, laughs, likes, personal sharing and riding along on other people’s journey, is humbling.

4.  Blogging is a platform for honing my craft. I have no idea where it is going to take me, but writing will always have a strong presence in my life, because of it.

5.  About the only thing that I have consistently said I wanted to be “when I grow up” –  is a writer. I actually feel like that is a goal,  instead of just a pipe dream now.


So 6 months, 100 posts and five lessons later… I’m excited to see where blogging and processing my thoughts, via the “pen” takes me next. Thanks to those that have followed me from the very beginning and those that have jumped on board along the way.


What has been your favorite blogging milestone yet? Care to share any lessons learned? Is there anything I haven’t already told you in my “open book” blog, that you want to ask me?