Don't take life too serious.


I think I am finally finding my groove in this blogoshere. I busied the kids with projects and distractions long enough to give my blog a face-lift…added a little more flavor.

Credit for my new site title has to be given to my dear friend, Brenda, who always has something good, bad, ugly and/or funny to say. All of which usually involves the fbomb…which I love her for. I thought her play on words letters was brilliant.

I also updated my Me page.  It was a little too fluffy and quite honestly had me rolling my eyes when I re-read it this morning.  So if you have already checked it out, I encourage you to do so again.  You’ll get a clearer, more genuine picture this time around.

Just quickly…thanks to those that have taken time to check out my blog and provide feedback.  How did I not start this before now!