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Ding! You’ve written 50 posts. Whu WHAT?


This morning I surprised myself with a short yet brain tickling little post on resiliency.  A short time after, my notification *ding* brought to my attention that I had accomplished writing 50 posts.  I didn’t really every start out with a goal of how many post, in any certain amount of time, I wanted to write but Wow!  That’s cool.

As the day went on, it occurred to me that I’m actually kind of shocked I have written 50 posts in three months.  I have managed to wrap words around 50 different of my very own ideas.  I was all “Go Me” for a second.  It also made me want to dig into my archives a bit.  Is it bad that I cracked myself up on several occasions?  Does the fact that I literately rolled my eyes at myself too kind of balance that out?

I pulled up the stats on my overall most viewed posts and I kinda am, but not really, surprised by the results.  A naughty toddler and vulnerability seem to bring the noise for me.  Here’s the top five most viewed:


Little Man

Tom Gauld
Tom Gauld

Depression and Motherhood: This is My Truth.


Walking in my husband’s worn out work boots.

blog pics

Nat Geo Boobs: A “perk” of being Mom.

Life changing words.
Life changing words.

Happy Re-Birthday To Me: A Sexual Abuse Survivor’s Coming Out Story.

It’s pretty apparent the things that are most important to me are my kids, my husband, my boobs, my story and my brain.  Are you surprised?  Either way, I think it reflects a pretty good glimpse in to my big, beautiful brain.  Thanks to all the bloggy friends that have stopped by, commented and shared their own stories with me.  You guys seriously rock.  And a huge smack on the cheek to my family, personal friends and Facebook friends.  You guys encouraged me to take blogging on and then helped support my ego enough to get elbows deep.  Much love.

Do you have a favorite post I’ve written or one that stand outs the most in your mind.  Is it a funny one or one where I get my deep thinking on?

Cheers to 50!