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Top 10 First World Problems For A Blogging Parent

Sneak Attack!
Sneak Attack!
10.  The children constantly demand food and attention!
It’s those stolen moments online when the kids undoubtedly will be starving to death or need assistance that ONLY you can provide. One knows these moments are a far cry from depriving her children of actual needs; however, putting herself first will not doubt bring on the guilt.
Blogger’s spouse’s first world problem.

9.  Your spouse wants to talk and stuff. 

Your spouse has probably grown a bit jealous of your creative brain.  He may dream of you working on him like your fingers work the keys on your lap top.

I feel GREAT...what do you mean I should go to bed?
I feel GREAT…what do you mean I should go to bed?

 8.  You’re so tired because you stayed up too late writing.

After the kids have gone to bed and any last minute daily things have been taken care of, it’s time to get your blog on!  Before you know it, midnight is creeping up on you.  You know those little, human alarm clocks are going to go off before the sun comes up but you just have to finish this one last thought!

Don't hate 'cause I color coordinate.
Don’t hate ’cause I color coordinate.

7.  You have to make lists to keep your thoughts straight.

You binge on list making.  When you are in the groove and the motions of the day align just right, all you want to do is write.  There aren’t enough hours in the day, so you jot down random thoughts that may or may not make sense to you by the time you actually sit down to write.  Next to that, you manically scribble your to do list, grocery list, phone calls list, projects you want to start list, and on and on and freakin’ on.

Story of my night life.
Story of my night life.

6.  You become a comedic genius at bedtime.

Your best material floods your brain while you are trying to sleep.  Naturally, you don’t have anything around you to record the funniest or deepest thought you ever had.   Despite telling yourself that if you repeat a line several (hundred) times in your head you won’t forget it in the morning, you will most definitely never remember it in the morning.

Go ahead...I know you want to ask me about it.
Go ahead…I know you want to ask me about it.

5.  Becoming topic of conversation.

When you live in a small town or have children in school and blog, your stories often have characters that you will eventually run into.  Caring what other people think is taken to a whole new level when the busy bodies feed on your blog confessions.

There's never enough time to do both.
There’s never enough time to do both.

4.  There is only enough time to comment or write. 

Both are just so very necessary!

Material is EVERYWHERE if you can just get close enough to hear it.
Material is EVERYWHERE if you can just get close enough to hear it.

3.  The kids won’t be quiet in line at Target so you can hear the hot topic discussion going on behind you.

Some times material does not present itself very easily to your brain.  That doesn’t mean the drive to write disappears or stops hounding you.  Mom’s mission then becomes staying sane in the grocery store with her kids in tow while also eavesdropping on interesting looking people conversating.

Prude Moms (that won't admit they read my shit) be like...
Prude Moms (that won’t admit they read my shit) be like…

2.  Swearing on your blog is offensive to your kid’s friend’s parents.

The F bomb is perhaps a blogging Moms best friend and makes for a powerful tool.  Even when used sparingly and effectively, some may fear their kids will come home from your house reciting the 7 dirty words.

Blogging Mom turned school bus driver.
Blogging Mom turned school bus driver.

1.  Someone thinks it’s too cold for your kids to go to school.

Ok so maybe it’s cold enough outside to freeze off little fingers in 3.25 seconds; however, these delays and cancelations are cutting in to your “down to no/one” kid, easier to slam down some thoughts time.  It’s simply unacceptable.

Finding a balance between being Mom and being a Mom that blogs is never easy.  How do you make it work?  What is your first world blogging mom/dad problem??