Life can be serious business.

#FacesOfPTSD – How Do We Talk to Our Kids About Parenting with PTSD?

As part of the #FacesOfPTSD campaign, I’m sharing a very important and valuable piece by Kelly Wilson of PTSD Parent.

kellyMy kids have had questions about my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through each stage of their growth and development. Throughout each phase, my question has always been, “How much do I tell my kids about my PTSD?” While I have not come up with the ideal answer to that question, I have come up with some ideas that have helped me. ~Kelly Wilson


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Want to learn more about the #FacesOfPTSD campaign and how easy it is to get involved? If you’d like to learn more about the campaign, you can read the #FacesOfPTSD campaign kick-off post.


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Life can be serious business.

Giving Shame the Middle Finger, One Post at a Time.

Cheers to all of you! For your support and love in helping us #breakthecycle

Those SisterWives…they are a bad-ass gang of women, that practice what they preach. They see hope and believe in the cause and project I am fighting to make happen. So much so, they have allowed me a second spot on their beautiful blog this week. Today, I get personal, and a little angry about the struggles we survivors face and also the obstacles in bringing other survivors out of the dark.

Reading my words is enough. Giving me feedback is awesome. But remember, sharing is caring people. Help Joyelle and I spread the word as far as we can. Every share so far has reached more people, telling us Thank You for bringing to light something they felt alone in feeling. Help us shine that light so freakin’ bright it blinds the fear holding others back. So much love to my readers!!!!  xoxoxo ~Dawn

Parenting – An Unexpected Trigger.

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