A Happy Medium.


She looked out her window and saw her 3:00 pull in the driveway. Her skin began to prickle. Charlie looked intently at the young woman walking towards her front door. She thought it odd, that her initial reaction to her, was fear.

Charlie and Olivia sat across from each other, making small talk, while Charlie tried to absorb the messages from the other side.

Charlie was startled by a familiar face, now in the room.

Robert, it should be understood by now that I cannot have you around when I am doing private readings.

Charlie pressed record and started the session.

“Olivia, I’m feeling a throbbing pain in my head, did you have a family member die traumatically, perhaps a blow to the head?”

Olivia began to instantly weep. “Yes. I was told my father died in a motor vehicle accident.”

Charlie looked at her, in to her, and saw a heart-aching, unexplainable familiarity, that caused her to look away. She took a drink of her water and tried to re-focus.

Charlie was struggling to channel anyone. Robert was still there and seemed to have denied anyone else access.

Charlie and Robert managed to touch base every so often. He was killed in a motorcycle accident, many years ago. Charlie was left a widow at 21. She was so broken by the loss, she couldn’t bring herself to keep the baby they were suppose to raise together. She was void of a connection with the unborn child and gave her up.

Olivia’s sniffles and tale about longing to connect with her birth family, snapped Charlie out of her reminiscent day dream.

Charlie apologized to Olivia for the distraction and confessed there was someone imposing on her session. Charlie continued to send a clear message to Robert, that he was not welcome here right now.

“Olivia, what does the number 21 mean to you?”

“Well, I’m not sure other than my mom was 21 when she gave me up for adoption.”

Charlie was startled by Robert, suddenly inches from her, telling her to ask a question that completely confused her. She asked anyway.

“Olivia, how old are you?”

“I’m 23.”

Charlie thought about the daughter she never got to know, who would be Olivia’s age now.

Charlie began to feel a shift in her stomach, almost like she was being kicked from the inside.

“Olivia, forgive my straight-forwardness but is there any chance you are pregnant?”

“No, that’s not possible.”

“That’s odd because I keep getting my sign for pregnant. Perhaps this is a maternal message. Is your mother alive?”

“I don’t know if she is or not actually. Like I said, she gave me up for adoption. Do you think it’s her?”

“No, I am getting the feeling that your father is present though.”

What Charlie couldn’t figure out is why she could only feel the presence of Olivia’s father and not see him. All she could see was Robert, who for some reason, refused to leave this session.

“Now Olivia, is it your grandmother that has passed? I’m sensing an older female that…”

Charlie was cut off by her own mother entering the room. All she said was, “It’s time.”

“Older female? Well, I suppose that could be a grandmother.”

Charlie was so confused. Why was her mother and Robert hijacking this reading and what the hell is it time for?

“Olivia, I’ll be honest, I’m having difficulties connecting with your loved ones. I apologize but my own deceased family is being uncharacteristically rude. Do you have any one in particular you are trying to connect with. Maybe if we seek out the individual, everyone else will step back.”

“Wow, does this happen often?”

“No. Actually, it’s never happened before.”

Charlie closed her eyes, breathed deep and asked, “Do you have a name?”


“I’m sorry, you said Robert?”

“Yes. All I know about my father is that his name was Robert.”

Charlie opened her eyes. Her heart – its pieces, once scattered – finally intact. She looked past Olivia at Robert. His youthful eyes, confirming her sudden revelation.

She began to cry.

“Olivia, how old did you say you are?”

“I’m 23. Is my father coming through? Did he tell you something bad? Why are you crying?” Olivia, visibly shaken, was now crying too.

“Olivia, your father has actually brought me a gift. I hope you see it that way too.”

“I don’t understand. What could he have possibly brought to you?”

“You. He brought me you Olivia.”


This fictional story was inspired by my own visit to a medium, a little over a year ago. It was confirming, shocking and intense. I hope to write that story some day too.

I used a lot of dialogue in this one and would appreciate any feedback on whether or not the story flowed, and if you were able to follow along easily. Suggestions? Thoughts? Did you like it?

Have you ever been to a medium?? I would love to hear about it.