Momma has lost her mind.

No Nap…Yada, Yada, Yada and Now Eyes Roll When I Walk Into My Kid’s Doctor’s Office.

As I feared, full on meltdown when I asked him to please not bang the cars into the walls. There goes a car across the room, missing someone’s grandmother by six inches. Now cue flopping fish-out-of-water syndrome. I should have listened to my Momma survival instincts, grabbed the volatile little hulk and his sister and gotten the hell out of there. But no.

nap time fails

I have a post up on Today Parenting team today that might have you re-thinking skipping nap time, even if it means you have to re-schedule appointments or forego necessary errands. Hoping you’ll head over and have a laugh on me (perhaps a little pity as well). If you enjoy reading my post, consider hitting the ‘vote up’ button and I may get a chance to have my essay featured on the Today Show. 😉

Click the link to read my post in it’s entirety. “He’s fine, I swear. He just missed his nap today.”

Has your child ever made a scene (or two) in public, because you were foolish enough to believe that a quick trip to fill in the blank  without a nap would work?? I’d love to hear about it. 😉 Come on, I need a good laugh today.