Momma has lost her mind.

All Up In The Mommyhood.

If you have every driven a motorcycle or as in my case , ridden on the back,  you know that it’s pretty much a given to get a wave when you drive by another rider.  The Mommyhood is like that.  It’s a collective spirit that encompasses and understands the range of emotion that is connected to the title Mom.

In the Mommyhood, you may hear or see:

  • twenty words shared in just one glance.
  • your aisle in the store cleared so you can get to the door with your screaming four old as quick as possible.
  • a smile, not eyes rolling, when you brag about what your “genius” child did that day.
  • women laughing hysterically at the lessons learned from their first child.
  • sanity saving tips being shared with first timers.
  • hand me downs given instead of sold.
  • gestures of understanding, not judgment, when you refer to your darling children as life sucking, little dictators that need way more attention and patients than you have to give.
  • an appreciation for coffee, wine and small talk.
  • protective eyes of all children within sight.
  • encouragements to ask for a no charge babysitting session when you are on the verge of losing your shit.
  • a unanimous vote that stepping on Barbie shoes and matchbox cars can cause a release of demons like on one has ever seen.
  • a universal agreement that a dirty house means you had a busy day.
  • confessions of poor parenting choices that will never be repeated.

The camaraderie amongst women whose bellies bare the same life offering scars is encouraging.  Mothers of different ages, races, cultures, political parties and socioeconomic backgrounds can all agree on one thing: Motherhood breaks down all prejudices and reinforces the building blocks of love.

When I was a little girl, I loved to create clubs with my BFFs – I am the babysitter club generation.  I feel that since becoming a Mom, I unknowingly entered this club where admission is anything but free but the perks are inspiring.