Momma has lost her mind.

I Probably Left My Mind In NY.

As you read this, I’ll be only ankle deep, in a 22 hr drive across the east coast. I, my sister, my niece and my two babes are on our way to Florida. In case you missed why this trip is necessary, you need to brush up on how two dead people conspired to change my life. You’ll see.

So, we’ll see how long a five yr old and an almost two year old stay entertained with a $30 purchase at the dollar store and a few electronics. I’ve had several recommendations to bring along some Benadryl … I’ll let you guess whether I took their advice.

You won’t hear from me for about two weeks. Don’t forget about me peeps. I’ve scheduled to reblog the very first post I published, last October, tomorrow. Outside of high school and college writing classes, I had never shared anything publically before that. It’s funny to re-read that post and see how my writing style has evolved. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Did you miss the two-part, fictional piece I published earlier this week? I think It’s a good one 🙂 In case you’re interested:

Her Story, Unearthed. Part 1

Her Story, Unearthed. Part 2

Enjoy the 4th everyone!

I’m leaving you with a song that is in no way related to the upcoming holiday, but it’s one of my favorites. It sparked a post that will be waiting for me in my drafts when I get home. Of course, it’s by my favorite little folk singer, Mrs. Ani DiFranco.