Life can be serious business.

A Letter to My Daughter — From Your Trauma-Recovering Momma.

In any given moment, I have to make a decision that you will learn from. I have to pull from a very dry well of parental guidance. I have to fight the urge to react to my initial responses to you, more often than I would like to admit.

parenting surivor memeWhen Hasty reached out to me, asking if I would like to write a post for her relationship series, I was excited to be a part it. And then my nerves kicked in. I had been thinking a lot about how being a survivor of childhood abuse has affected my relationship with my children, especially my daughter, and knew that was the relationship I wanted to focus on. It was difficult to be true to authentically evaluating our relationship, and avoid sugar-coating the tough spots. Fear of judgment with this piece and negative self talk was the most difficult space to crawl out of in order to write this. But I did it. And I can only hope others can relate, and feel a sense of relief knowing they are not alone in raising their children, while re-raising themselves.

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Life can be serious business.

A Bucket List Accomplishment – Featured on Huffington Post Today!!

Somebody pinch me. I am beyond excited to be featured on Huffington Post Parents today, with an article Joyelle and I co-wrote. Even more than the personal recognition, I am so grateful to have my voice as a parent-survivor be heard on such a large platform. I hope you will check out the article, share your thoughts and help us start this very important conversation.

Parenting Survivors of Childhood Abuse Need a Voice