Don't take life too serious.

On God, Boobs, Love, Laughter and Resiliency.

While trying to wrap my head around all the different emotional places I’ve been this past year, I decided to sneak a peak at my top posts over the last 365 days. It turns out, the posts in which I am the most vulnerable, are at the top of the list. Even the humor pieces that rank highest, are ones where I remain truest to myself.

It’s really no surprise to me. Even outside of blogging, I’ve experienced the most authentic relationships with people I am able to let my guard down around. There is nothing I enjoy more than a conversation among people where God, dysfunctional families, sex, relationships and other often heated topics can be discussed in a non-judgmental, open-minded manner. Adding a little vino to the mix usually seems to add that extra kick of truth and humor to the talk. Good times.

And so I give you my five top viewed posts from the last year. I was glad to see it is a nice mix of my sometimes serious, sometimes funny sides. Click the images to read full article.

“I was becoming more and more aware of a force around me that was powerful, magical, comforting, and often ironic. I started to understand and accept that I was allowed to have faith even though I wasn’t brought up in a church or attending one now.  I learned that my faith is in no way connected to a book.” 


“There is no more sexy, slow-mo bouncing boobies that I once had and loved. The girls are more swaying than bouncing these days.  And don’t get me started on laying down…looks like I got two medium sized tumors creeping in to my arm pits.  My cleavage is now a tunnel of darkness between two rained on ant hills.”

orangutan boobs

“At what point, did the love of my life, become enraged over a few strands of hair, attacking his toes while he showers?  It is going to make his head explode one day, I just know it.  Watching him gag like a teenage girl and kick pointed toes in the air, in hopes that the hair will fling off and stick to the wall, so he doesn’t actually have to touch it, is deliciously evil to watch.”

wedding pic1

“Perhaps the guy at the cook-out that complimented my daughter is of no harm. But when I got that kick of uneasiness in his presence, I paid attention. It doesn’t occur every time I or my daughter are around men. Only sometimes. So every time, I listen and know that whether the man involved is her best friend’s father, the town pastor, a friend’s brother or even someone related to her, I will never let her be in a position to be groomed by him.”


“This is a post about putting my self in a hard working man’s worn out boots.  Steel toed boots that carry a man who always puts his family first and says thank you after finishing a supper I cooked, whether he loved it or not.  A man that brushes his daughter’s hair before bed and snuggles with his son when he is sick.  A man that rolls over and reaches for me in his sleep.  My man.”

work boots

Are you surprised by your top 5? Which post are you shocked to see at the top of your stats list?


This was written as a part of The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Countdown