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7 Ways To Be Kind To A Mom That Will Help You In Return.


  • If you see a Mom disciplining her child in public, back her up by not paying attention.

Do not engage Mom or child and for the love of God please, do not gawk at the situation with disapproving eyes. If nothing else, high five Mom afterwards for not caring what you think and taking care of the situation as needed. When Moms feel less humility about disciplining her child in front of you, you will feel less aggravation with the youth of tomorrow.

  • Please try to say something other than, or at least in addition to, “You are so pretty” to our daughters.

Moms spend every day trying to instill that beauty is not just skin deep.  Enforce that.  It will work to make the next generation of women that much stronger.

  • Please engage Mom before her children.

It’s off putting for a stranger to start a conversation with a child without acknowledging the parent first. Please remember that young children are in the midst of being taught vital lessons on how to keep themselves safe and that includes not talking to strangers. Moms need to give her kids the impression that it is ok to converse with you. She can’t do that if you don’t look at her first.

  • If you are going to acknowledge one child for his adorableness, please do so for his sibling(s) as well. 

It’s understood that babies and toddlers are adorable little creatures with their puffy cheeks and mischievous smiles. However, if you only point out the younger one because, “He is just so cute”, the older child sees and feels that. Please don’t make a Mom point out that there is another child standing right next to her. The older one notices and feels that too.

  • Offer to return her shopping cart for her.

Odds are if you don’t, it’s going to get left because Momma bears won’t stray too far in order to put it back; although, she’ll feel guilty about leaving it. Your car may thank you for it later.

  • Open or hold the door for her!

This will serve your conscious well; as well as, your karma. Ignoring a Mom with kids in tow (or anyone for that matter) and letting the door close behind you because you don’t want to wait two seconds is going to piss the universe off. You’ll get yours and when you do, just remember that time you forgot to use your manners.

  • If you currently have children, or remember what it is like to raise them, give a Mom that knowing smile.

An understanding, “I totally get it” or “I’ve been there” smile is worth a thousand compliments. Confirmations from other club members are priceless.

 ** Have any you would like to add?? Please do share! **


So mind your manners please.
So mind your manners please.