Don't take life too serious., Momma has lost her mind.

19 and Falling.



Passion explodes within his eyes

as I begin to wonder between his thighs

a deep breath and a teasing sigh

a want or need I cannot decide.

I’m screaming and yearning to feel him inside

his hands no longer shy

his kisses, his thrust – a natural high

he seduces my mind, body and soul

his actions and thoughts becoming more bold

my moans and cries I cannot withhold

holding and caressing I never want to let go.

I’ve never felt this way before

my entire body begs for more

and then as one, we fall motionless to the floor

his eyes dig deep inside mine, begin to explore

looking for the answer I’m sure

I know what it is he is looking for.

My eyes tell the story he wants to see

“Baby, it’s you, you’re all I need

I feel loved and safe, you have set me free

baby, I love you

you complete me”.

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