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5 Things I Learned From Being Freshly Pressed.

I’m still smiling quite a bit over here from the news that I was Freshly Pressed.  “Could someone please tell my daughter who God is please” was the post chosen to be featured.  Let me share with you what I have learned from this experience.

This was me when I realized more than 10 people had liked something I wrote.
This was me when I realized more than 10 people had liked something I wrote.

5.  Always check the “Social” tab in your Gmail account!!! 

I tend to not check my email everyday and when I do, I scroll my primary mail and that’s that.  Well, lesson learned because I was completely and utterly confused when my WordPress notifications started blowing up on my phone.  I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out why so many people were reading a post I wrote nearly two weeks ago and coming out of the woodwork to do so.  It wasn’t until someone who commented congratulating me on being Freshly Pressed that I was even aware it happened.  Afterwards, I looked and saw that the email landed in my social inbox FOUR days before!

I get it Tom.
I get it Tom.

4.  My “happy butt dance” scares little children. 

Apparently, jumping up and down on a couch is a normal reaction when something exciting happens to you.  My apologizes to Tom Cruise for starting that nasty rumor that he was obviously cooking meth in Oprah’s green room.  And another apology to my son who was frightened to tears by a grown woman jumping up and down on a couch and flailing around like she just cooked up some meth in the bathroom.


3.  It is possible to have a respectful and wonderfully intoxicating conversation about God.

There are a lot more people out there that are as enticed, enthralled and confused by the questions around God as I am.  I am truly amazed at the depths of thought that came my way when the FP flood gates were opened.   I stayed up so far past my bedtime trying to read and absorb all the different perspectives that night; all the while, drinking far too much wine.  I should probably apologize to anyone that received a reply from after 11pm.  I was probably “in the zone” but I suspect I probably should have edited a bit more.

Some comments swayed a great distance away from how I see things but out of the 219 comments, none were (too)overbearing or judgmental, which I find surprising and humbling considering the topic at hand.  Some people definitely had me saying “Whoa!”, as in, “Dude, easy on the preach”; however, none of the (as of right now) 804 people that have viewed the post were offensive.   If I haven’t replied yet, be patient.  I’m taking my time with this on purpose.

Faith in people restored!
Faith in people restored!

2.  There are simply not enough ways to say Thank You.

Thank you.  Sincerely.  I find it a bit peculiar and almost comical that at the time I was having a conversation with a friend  over coffee about God and all the good and bad we thrive in and suffer from, a post I wrote asking for help in understanding who/what God is was being passed around the biggest virtual show and tell I’ve ever been a part of.  The answers I got both made me laugh out loud (at midnight) and sob like a fool.  The personal stories people shared and their incredibly personal feelings about God truly inspired me.  It’s still all sinking in.  So again, Thank You for engaging in my story and partaking in my journey.  One thing is for sure…No matter what branch of religion you hang out on, LOVE resonates with all.  And that is a beautiful thing.

It's actually worse than this.
It’s actually worse than this.

1. Getting Freshly Pressed causes perma-grin. 

I’ve been smiling for days.  People around me are getting nervous actually.  I just can’t tell you what getting recognized for my writing has done for me.  It’s not just the recognition but the conversation that came along with it both in commenting and in personal relationships.  I’m quite flattered, very humbled and perhaps a bit still punch drunk.

Couldn't leave this out.
Couldn’t leave this out.

45 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From Being Freshly Pressed.”

  1. You are an inspiration! I want a Freshly Pressed pass too! Loved the article shared it on my Facebook, who knows now what the awaits you with your honest and open perspective. Keep jumping on that couch! Tom Cruise has nothing on you

    1. Tom (I know him that well that I can just call him by his first name) is definitely his own kind of crazy. But, I suppose we all are. Thanks for sharing my story, that’s awesome.

  2. You deserve it! This post had me laughing at you jumping up and down like Tom cruise! I would have done the same thing lol, Great job!

  3. You deserved it, it was a great post! I am glad the dialogue on the comments has stayed respectful too; it’s nice to see the different POVs.

    I think I told you, I had the same thing happen with me and my gmail account on my FP notification. That was the day I changed all my gmail settings back to “traditional”.

    1. Your response is what made me check the “social” tab in my account. There is was…sent four days prior. WTH!

      Thanks for reading the post. The comments are all over the place. I suppose this is giving me a lesson in tolerance as well. People LOVE to talk about Jesus! I’m not poking fun or making light of anyone’s opinion but the intensity is a bit overwhelming at times.

  4. Wow!!!! Well done you!! That’s bloody great. You deserve it. You’ve worked so hard on your blog.
    (My twins haven’t heard of god yet at all. I suppose catholic school next year will fill their heads with crazy notions and questions).
    Well done again!! :0))

    1. AAAAHHHHH! Crazy, right?! I’m so glad I “ran in to you” early on. You’ve been a great friend to me and I sincerely thank you for that.

      Had my daughter not noticed a few of her friends and their families walking in to a church last summer on one of our walks, she wouldn’t know either. She is a social butterfly so she wanted to know right away why she wasn’t a part of what her friends were doing. Ugh…talk about put on the spot! Luckily, for once, she hasn’t brought it up too much more. I’m not sure that I am avoiding it but the time to sort it out in my own head has been a blessing. Good luck with the twins!! I can’t imagine having to answer questions from a child coming home from catholic school!!

      1. Aww I’m glad I ran into you too. I really admire the way you’re putting everything out there. It has to help others who have been through similar experiences. I’m glad everyone is being supportive and kind. You deserve that.

        Regarding the religion – I’m not too bothered about the school. The principle is an intelligent woman who will understand how we are ‘a la carte’ Catholics (like most people our age in Ireland!).
        We went to a christening and Eva was very disappointed she didn’t get to meet the actual baby Jesus. She’s loving babies at the moment lol!

        Keep on blogging! :0)

      2. Thanks. I went for a drive all by myself to clear my head the other day. I just headed north further in to the Adirondack mountains and came across that stream that I wasn’t sure if it had cracked open or just never closed up completely. I literately laughed out loud and thought, “Well that’s me!”. So, I had to take a picture of it and throw it on here.

  5. Congratulations! I saw your FB post and then didn’t get a chance to come back and read it. Your experiences, view on life, and writing style are majorly woth a FP nod. I’m a weensy bit jealous. Looking for a writing coach job? 🙂

    1. Jean, I tend to write like I talk. I always try to clean it up and pull my thought together a little better before I hit publish. When I wrote that, I barely edited it. Other than correcting spelling (thank God for spell check), I barely touched it. When I started getting all the hits on it, I went back and read it again and was a little bit like “Oh!”, Wow. No kidding. So I guess all I can say, because in no way am I ready to coach but thanks for that, you’re freakin’ awesome, is that that piece was one of my most vulnerable posts. I think, well know really that is why it struck a chord (cord? spell check isn’t picking that one up for me) with people.

      Once I started to find my way around WP, I found you and a few of the other Mommas you write with. I really just wanted to be able to hang with you ladies so don’t be jealous of me. Thanks for supporting me early on =)

      1. 🙂 We all lead by example depending on what the person reading needs, right? And no thanks are necessary, I like to read new people and I return to the people I like.

    1. Thanks Kris!!! It’s been a bit surreal. You know me, you were probably the only one I ever let read my writing when I was younger. Outside of sporadic journals and school/college assignments, I haven’t really written much since then. That’s why this recognition is such an awesome thing for me.

      Ly xoxo

    1. Thanks Katia!!!! I am finally caught up on all the comments. I’m just trying to wrap my head around all of it now.

      P.S. I saw Queen Latiffa sing at the beginning of the Super Bowl tonight and totally thought of you! lol

    1. I never expected to happen to me…I about pissed myself when it did. Ok, maybe I did wet my pants a little. The funniest part about it though is that people who don’t blog (my friends and family) have no idea what it means to be FP’ed…they were dumbfounded as to why I was so hyped up about this. I was kind of comical.

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