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I’m Gracious And A Little Weird…You’ll See.

inspiringbloggernsI can’t think of a better way to head for the woods and off the grid for the weekend, than to accept a very sweet and humbling award, The Inspirational Blogger Award, from the lovely, Nida at On The Road To Inkrichment. Thanks girl!

I have been nominated for other awards in the past, and am always appreciative that someone actually thought about me and my writing, and took the time to tell me so. However, I have never had the opportunity to follow through with the rules of receiving them Blame a lack of time or inability to concentrate…either works for me.

Well, I just stumbled upon some very rare free time. I want to take the opportunity to be a good girl (for once) and follow the rules by showcasing other bloggers I adore and sharing 7 random facts about myself with my readers. Please don’t hate on me but I will only be showcasing 5 other bloggers, not 15, like the rules ask of you. Like I said, at this moment, I have time, but it won’t last long. The little guy will only be sleeping for about another 20 minutes and my sassy five year old’s nails will be dry any time now.

 And now let me introduce you to:

728f0bcf8104fe51985764be02cafdf6Rida at Work In Progress – Rida has followed me since my very first post. She has never been afraid to tell me what she thinks which is rare and appreciated. She and I make each other laugh like we’ve known each other for years. I love reading her edgy fictional pieces and her insightful thoughts always resonate with me. Check out her post, i am telling you i’m not going, for a glimpse of her ability to tell a tale, that will move you.


37df6bb0db7416b60f83dc58e64b6356Deanna at My Muted Voice – Deanna is a writer at heart, for better or worse, and that is what I love about her. She writes stories from the heart and bares her soul. She also manages to fill another blog with stories and personal experiences about her life as a Mom, wife and American woman now living in Germany at From Casinos To Castles. She also adds a flavor to Tipsy Lit that I very much enjoy. Check out her post, 21 Ways I’d Drive You Crazy, and you won’t be able to not love her.


611cd4c3e8086bc33ffa8b4c945875ddOlivia at Put The Kettle On – Olivia is another follower that has been with me since the beginning. She has turned into someone I would call a friend. Her wee twins in Ireland are the same age as my oldest (5 yrs old) and I thoroughly enjoy and relate to her posts. I also love her because her comments are always honest, thoughtful and supportive. Read Ten things motherhood has taught me, and you’ll see how relatable her words can be.


eceb4c9eeb9f4e7a46803fa57dedc3eaBritt at Blooms And Bubbles (formerly known as East Meets Breast) – This girl cracks. me. up! I can’t even begin to tell you how resilient of a woman she is. She has an amazing ability to convey thoughts and feelings with words and usually adds humor, where most would cringe or look away. Check out her post, Giant Meat Penis (Or Why I’ll Never Be A Food Blogger) and you’ll get a taste (no pun intended) of how funny this Momma is.


cd5cf0694dba78a1ad1291976d51e7d2Katia at I Am The Milk  – Katia took me under her (very busy wing) early on (because I practically begged her to) and I am so grateful to her. Her blog inspires me to be a better writer and ensures me that I am just the kind of Mom I need to be. She writes about Motherhood and life with humor, heart and with an inquisitive soul. Just read To The Girl Who’s Going To Break My Son’s Heart, and you’ll get her. This post was freshly pressed and was the first one I every read by Katia. I’ve been hooked every since.


If you aren’t already reading everything these ladies write, check out my suggested posts and sneak around in their archive. You won’t be sorry 🙂 They are all inspiring, to say the least.

And here are 7 facts/oddities about me:

1. I’d rather be barefoot. There is just something about my feet connecting with the ground that makes me happy. I love to dig my toes into dirt, mud and sand.

2. I hate the word moist. Eww. I don’t know, it just freaks me out.

3.  I initially went to college, hoping to be on the radio, but switched my major to psych my third year. I love music and I love learning about what makes people tick.

4. I can go somewhere 40 times and still not remember how to get there and I’m terrible at math. I’ve always wondered if the two are connected.

5. I was a cheerleader for four years in high school. I had no meat on my bones back then, so I was a flyer. I loved it and we ALWAYS kicked ass come competition season 🙂

6. If I wet one hand to say, rinse it off, I have to wet the other. It’s that “somethings not right” feeling every time. Weird, I know.

7. I think in a past life, I was a dancer, more than likely I was black and I may or may not have been a hair dresser. Don’t ask.

So there you have it. I’ll be busy getting ready for the weekend camping with the girls the next two days, so it’s highly unlikely I’ll write for awhile. Hopefully when I get home, my head will be a little clearer, my heart a little lighter and I won’t have contacted the west nile virus. No seriously, it’s suppose to be a hot muggy weekend. The bugs love me.

Care to share one little strange fact about yourself with me?? Please do 🙂

19 thoughts on “I’m Gracious And A Little Weird…You’ll See.”

  1. Congrats on your award, and on going through with the rest of it! I follow Olivia already and love her blog, I’ll have to go check out your other recommendations. I love the way you put this post together.

  2. I’m flattered, I’m grateful… I’m going to pop some bubbles! Thank you for these kind words. I’ll never forget how I “met” you, and I’ve been enjoying your writing since. Thank you for these kind words. Yay, meat penis!!

  3. Super touched, my friend. I needed this tonight. If someone asked me how I would want to be defined, that is exactly it.

    As for the facts about you, I loved #4. You and I are basically the same person according to this…

  4. #4 and #6 for sure!!! Thank you for this and the very nice words. I appreciate it so much and really needed it. I loved that you called me a writer. It’s one thing to say it yourself but completely different hearing it. Congrats on your award and enjoy your time off the grid!

  5. Ah Dawn, my wee friend, thank you! You are such a cool mum. I love your honesty and how you are brave enough to say what the rest of us only dare think. Thanks again. Can’t wait to hear all about your camping trip. I’m just a little bit jealous! 🙂

  6. Some great blogs you got here:)! And point 4 resonates with me like anything. I am a blind bat when it comes to directions. And weird is awesome:D

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