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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Wife Pots and Pans For Christmas. Even If She Asks For Them.

bad gift

Maybe she said, “I wish I had a blender”.  I understand that she spoke words that sounded like, “I would love a new washer and dryer”.  Maybe you heard, “This vacuum SUCKS!” and you took that as she wants a new vacuum cleaner.  I know some women have gone as far as to look their husbands in the eyes and say, “I want you to buy me new pots and pans for Christmas”.

Listen to me. These women have been brainwashed by their ovaries, Good Housekeeping and Pinterest.  They are lost in their own over stimulated heads and think that items used to keep them busy making other people happy are what they really want.  I understand that she is happy with clean clothes just like everyone else, but for the love of God, do you really think she gets joy out of this?

Being home for the last year has taught me to appreciate working major and minor appliances.  I’ll be the first to admit when my dryer started sparking and the dishwasher started peeing on the floor, I had an Emmy worthy momma meltdown.  I will also say I would love a robot vacuum cleaner that cruises around sucking up my dog’s tumbleweed hair balls.  I actually really do want new pots and pans. But not for freakin’ Christmas.

Does this make me selfish? I don’t really care if that makes me sound selfish.  Isn’t gift giving about making another person feel special with a thoughtful, individualized present?  Isn’t it about tuning in to what makes a person smile.  It doesn’t take a lot to make (most) women truly happy.  If she knows you actually thought about her while choosing a gift, than whatever you chose will make her happy.

When I go shopping, I occasionally will put something for myself in the cart.  By the time I’m done shopping, I always seem to talk myself out of buying it, whether it cost $2 or $20.  Not that I’m not worthy of a new shirt once in a while, but justifying spending on myself doesn’t come easy anymore.  I know this phenomenon happens to almost all women once they become a Mom.  It’s a bitch of a thing.  So perhaps a gift certificate to her favorite store is the perfect thing.  It will get her out of the house and an opportunity to buy for herself, guilt free.

A male friend posted a secret poll on Facebook a few years ago asking women their thoughts on buying his wife a washer and dryer for Christmas.  You can imagine I had plenty to say about why he shouldn’t.  What honestly surprised me was that I was actually of the minority opinion.  I’ve heard plenty of arguments on the opposite side of my argument; however, none that have convinced me of any other opinion than my own.

As a wife/Mom/woman, are you ok with receiving household items and/or appliances for Christmas? What is the most offensive/worst gift you’ve ever been given?


22 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Wife Pots and Pans For Christmas. Even If She Asks For Them.”

  1. I agree with you. Getting your wife pots, pans, vacuums, etc. is the equivalent of getting your husband Microsoft Office

    1. Thanks lady!! Nice to read I am not the only one that feels this way. For crying out loud, how is buying a toaster for anyone, man or woman, not just poor taste! I’m no Femi-Nazi (see previous post) but I can’t help but feeling like buying your wife pots and pans is a douche bag of a thing to do.

  2. We buy household items together. A washer and dryer benefits the both of us in a basic way, that’s totally not a gift. Anything for the house (meaning both of us will use) are not gifts in the Chase house. Although, I did get a kitchen Aid a few years ago for Christmas… I had been wanting one and yes, he did get me a gift card to a store to go with it so that I could have fun. 🙂

    I totally agree with you on this. Birthdays and holiday gifts should be about the person receiving the gift.

    1. Kerri~
      I just googled Kitchen Aid and I think I am somewhat ok with that one (= It’s for baking right?? That’s a hobby and something you must enjoy or you probably wouldn’t do it …am I right? So Kuddos to Mr. Chase for that and for balancing it out with an “all about you” gift card.

  3. OK you know where I stand on this. Nothing quite puts a twinkle in my eye like a new set of Paula Deen dishes and the fact that Jeff noticed and got them for me for a “just because” gift. I made my stocking larger than his so he could fill it with all the latest and greatest cleaning supplies out there. I like the fact that he is okay with my over obsession of cleaning products and I have a pantry full to prove it, but I still need the latest ones out there. I love my addiction to cleaning and that’s what puts a smile on my face and let’s me escape the real world and actually relaxes me. As far as the worst gift…. RIP poppy, but your idea of style for me sucked.

    1. Oh Jill you are the exception to my rule! I know you truly enjoy cleaning and cooking and it is definitely more of a therapeutic hobby then a chore. Kuddos to you for giving your self a bigger stocking which is hilarious by the way. I would expect that more from Jeff (=

  4. I don’t know that I agree or disagree on this post. I think it is mostly a case of whether or not you are ok with it, and then your husband applying that knowledge appropriately. In our house, we don’t give each other gifts because if I want something, I get it. Amazon Prime makes sire every day is xmas. Lol. But seriously, if I want something, I usually get it for myself. I am proactive like that. 😉

  5. I agree, kitchen appliances should not be given as gifts unless they are for someone who enjoys cooking as a hobby. Does anyone enjoy ironing as a hobby? I think the key thing here, and it goes for wives buying for husbands too is knowing whether the gift will be regarded with pleasure or an hint to do more work. The worst gift my husband ever gave me was a spice rack. I used to enjoy cooking more than I do now but I never expressed any desire to own a spice rack. He has done better other years. He gave me a Barbie sized dollhouse last year because I collect dolls. It was not something I’d have chosen myself (too pink) but I appreciated the thought that went into it.

    1. Well the too pink dollhouse was such a nice gesture that reflects who you are…kudos to hubby for trying! Mine tried to buy me a pair of fashion boots last yr … he missed the four inch heel that would have surely been my own demise but hey he tried. Thanks for checking out my blog (=

  6. The answer is both! Id be happy with a new appliance but Id be overjoyed with a new appliance and a book! ( actually a gift card for the book store. my hubby doesnt read so his taste in books as gifts is shocking.

  7. I found this blog because my husband and I just had a little tittertat after he said to me, “now you know you won’t get a Christmas gift because the washer and dryer is going to be your Christmas gift”. I asked what do you mean it’s going to be my Christmas gift, you need it too!! He said that I was being unreasonable, I left it alone, but not really so I typed in the question, and here I am.

    1. That was so lovely to read. Appliances and anything that benefits the family (chores wise) is a no go. Nope not acceptable. If that washer and dryer is YOUR gift than I guess you’ll only be washing YOUR clothes in it 😉

  8. I did the reverse and bought my husband pots and pans. We usually buy stuff for the house and i think its thoughtful. He is the chef in the house and all his pans get ruined by the teens. So its a thoughtful gift and a useful one all together.

  9. Oh it’s mid January and I still can’t use my new le creuset pan without getting pissed off! My husband thinks I’m totally ungrateful too! Wouldn’t be so bothered if I hadn’t categorically stated I did not want a kitchen aid for Christmas as it was after all a kitchen appliance. So not sure why he thought an £170 pan was any better and option. Such a waste of money and the worst bit was I felt guilted into using it on Christmas day so I couldent take it back!

    1. Oh Kerrie…how awful for you! I know we should all just be grateful but eff that. Well, this year for Christmas I got zip. Nodda. Nothing. Times are tough but I still managed to get the hubs SOMETHING! Ugh. Men.

  10. Glad I found this.. I’m not the only one. Last year I got nothing for my birthday, not even a card. Yes he was sick ON my actual birthday but the week and a half leading up to my birthday we went on a cruise (we are dating and we were not sharing $ yet at that poi t even though we lived together I paid for the cruise so it was not a gift) while on the cruise he drug me to all these shopping things and jewelry buying things (ug) and didn’t get me a dam thing for my birthday that was a few days after the cruise. Later he said he hadn’t had time to shop for make it a even worse day last year my grandmother past away 2 days before my birthday.. worst birthday ever.
    Tomorrow is my birthday, I figured he hopefully put thought into it this year since I let him know how much last year hurt me… he’s gone to town 3 times last week and has asked me about what type of ring I like etc.. I start thinking maybe he’s going to pop the question.. stupid me. he asks me today what I want for my b day today on our way to town. Hurt that once again no thought was spent on me I say don’t worry about it… I saw the box’s he got today.. pans…not even super nice or expensive ones just pans. Daughter mentioned he’s also getting me knives.. maybe it’s selfish but I’m not going to use them.wo t even take them out of the box. I go out of my way to spoil him on his day..

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