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Apparently, It’s Acceptable for Dead People to Jump On the Bed.

In trying to capture a moment of my son’s naughty obsession with jumping on the bed while singing to his sister’s Frozen soundtrack, I never imagined I would catch someone who is no longer with us, joining in on the fun.

I’m a dreamer, yes. But, I am a realist as well. I always try to stay skeptical at first, when having discussions regarding things that have no proof or have reasonable arguments against. I want you to take a look at this video. Other than my adorable baby boy jumping up and down, what do you see?

Anyone else notice the flashing circles of light darting all around? I noticed them as I was recording and that’s why I continued to keep filming. At first, I thought it was just dust flying around. But then, the lights started flying all over and even began darting and changing directions. I was somewhere between “Am I crazy?” and “Holy shit, I can’t believe I got this on tape!”

I’ve tried arguing against the idea that this is a spirit jumping on the bed with my son by thinking it is just the lighting. But here’s the thing. The light is off until you see him turn it on. There are windows in the room, but the curtains (dark brown that allow no light in) are closed.

So I have but one conclusion. My mother, who lefts us in 1997, has tuned in to her inner child and now sees it appropriate to jump on the bed with her grandson. It sounds crazy, yes. But it warms my heart to know that even though he will never get to meet her, she is watching over him, and even joining in on the fun of raising this little monster.

So what do you think? Am I crazy? Do you believe in orbs and ghosts and dead people hanging out with us? Do you have a scientific explanation you’d like to offer? Please, do share!

21 thoughts on “Apparently, It’s Acceptable for Dead People to Jump On the Bed.”

  1. I’m not sure what they could be but maybe dust or snowflakes or something coming through the window? Maybe your sons jumping might have disturbed some dust/dead skin cells from off the bed?

    1. Well….it wasn’t snowing and the windows were closed. As far as dust or dead skin, I’d have to argue that it wouldn’t fly around and twist and turn like it does. I could be wrong though. I’m no scientist!

      1. They do in fact twist and turn, I’ve created a video demonstration of this happening xx it’s on my blog if you want to take a look x

      1. But there is no light coming through the window. I suppose it could be from the light off of my phone maybe. That’s the only light on. The bedroom light is off until little dude turns it on. Just so crazy. Anyway, thanks for putting your two cents in 😉

  2. Have you taken another video in similar light conditions to see if it does the same thing? While I’m sometimes a cynic, I also firmly believe there is a lot out there that we don’t have the capability to explain.

    My Mother is a firm believer in spirits. She’s felt presences and seen things. And, she’s not a crazy person. So…there is something to those things, I’m sure.

    1. No I haven’t but I think I will try that. I’ll get back to you! I’m a pretty firm believer in spirits as well. I went to a medium once and connected with my mother. There is no doubt it was her because of the things that were said. It’s comforting to believe.

    1. Thanks, he is a cutie 😉 And I’m definitely convinced we have spirits. Our house is over 100 yrs old as well. And over half of my family has passed on so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was my mother or any other crazy family member 😉

  3. It seems you have a friendly, playful silent resident. Amazing footage. I am a believer, and if you seem to think it is your mother, than your familial instincts are probably right. It could be others too. More than just one. Just sayin.

  4. Because of my Internet problems, I never get to see videos! But I believe that We are Absolutely Surrounded by the Spirit world. They are all around us, and constantly so. And at times the choose to manifest their presence, and join in in our lives! 🙂

    1. Oh I wish you could see! Its pretty amazing, or at least I think. I’m a believer that our energies never dissipate, and this is my proof. 😉

  5. I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, but I set out to investigate around 6 years ago, Since capturing my first EVP of a child laughing I wanted to find out what they had to say, and since then I’ve had more EVPs, Pictures and my own experiences in my home which I document on my blog, from footsteps in my home to a full on shadow figure in my bedroom!

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